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Preparing for Lent: The Journey – Day 3 of 3

Preparing for Lent: The Journey – Day 3 of 3

February 23, 2021
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Preparing for Lent: The Journey – Day 3 of 3

INTRODUCTION -- Preparing for Lent: The Journey, Day-3 includes:

  • The Anglican Youth Fellowship Choir, from Kampala Diocese, Uganda and led by Group Manager Andrew Lumbuye, performs “Come Lord Jesus
  • Archbishop Miguel Uchoa, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Brazil and an Anglican Primate, reflects on Lent and the Church’s mission
  • All Saints Cathedral Worship Team from, All Saints Cathedral Nairobi Kenya performs, the song “KWAKE YESU {On Christ the Solid Rock}
  • Jesse and Leah Roberts, of Poor Bishop Hooper -- American writers, and performers of many Christian faith-based songs (including the albums and music collections First Born, Every Psalm, and The Golgotha Experience), reflect on Lenten music and share a special song – “Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley

MESSAGE SUMMARY: On Wednesday, February 17, many Anglicans, along with many other denominations and churches around the world, began their observance of the Christian season of Lent with their Ash Wednesday services. Beginning today and the two days following, A Word from the Lord is providing three videos, through Gafcon Global Anglicans, with the hope that they will help you to continue to prepare your hearts and minds as you walk with Jesus in your journey this Lenten season. Gafcon’s videos have included people, songs, cultures, and images from around the World so that you can be encouraged and equipped to consider your own mortality within the context of God’s Grace of Eternal Life given to us through Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross and His Resurrection on Easter at the end of Lent.

There is a broad range of practices that Anglicans and other denominations and churches follow during the Lenten season. In an age of increasing instant gratification, the practice of Lent, leading up to Easter, runs against the tide in many cultures. With these three-days of videos from Anglicans round the World, we see the Anglican diversity in the practice of Lent from many cultures, languages, and races. What is Lent about and what are some songs of worship which can, as Reverend Canon Wes Jagoe says, " us slow down and focus on our relationship with the Lord"?

Also, Rev. Jodie McNeil of Australia, shares,

"I've started to see that it is good to synchronize my calendar with Christian brothers and sisters from all tribes, tongues, and nations because everyone needs to choose a calendar to follow...but as we live as foreigners and exiles, it seems like a good thing for Christians to celebrate together the rhythm of our church calendar."

Andrew Lumbuye of Uganda, discusses his Lenten perspective and how it provides him a context for selecting songs for Lent,

Lent is a period of soul searching, reconnecting of getting back to the Lord . . . the songs that I have chosen are those that help us to empty ourselves; that help us cry out ourselves to the Lord . . .


Archbishop Miguel Uchoa of Brazil discusses the Church’s mission for lent within the Gospel of John,

Lent is the time of reflection and nothing better to reflect on than the mission of the Church . . . when they {the Apostles Andrew, John, and Peter} learn about Jesus and who Jesus was, they want to spend time with Him – learn from Him. That must be our objective.”


TODAY’S AFFIRMATION: Today, I affirm that, because I am in Jesus Christ, I will proclaim Him. (Philippians 1:15f). “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”. (Philippians 4:14).

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE (ESV): John 1:6-18; John 1:6-18,23-28; John 1:29-34; John 1:35-42.


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